Dance Troupe

There will be a Dance Troupe at St. Mary's this year, and noon hour practices will be starting soon! Mrs. McIsaac will be the coach, even though she is on maternity leave. Their first public presentation will be at the Remembrance Day Ceremony at FVPS, on Nov. 8, 2017.  For now, practices will be once a week, at noon hour (on Thursday). Later in the year, there will also be an after school practice.

They are also hoping to perform at the Christmas Concert, and possibly a month end assembly. Later in the school year they will have a Dance Showcase.

Cheerleading Club 2017-18

Cheerleading Team 2015-16

Cheerleading Team 2015-16

St. Mary's will have a Cheerleading Club this year, coached by Mrs. McIsaac, even though she is on maternity leave.  Practices will be after school one day a week (TBD - probably Monday). Practices will start sometime in October. A note will be sent home to the parents of grades 4, 5 and 6 students who are interested.  

Beside the athleticism required to do the stunts, there is a large focus on team work. Participants are expected to dedicate their time to practice schedules and support and encourage each other.

We are very proud of our cheerleaders and look forward to an exciting year!  Go Huskies!

SMES Soccer Team

SMES Soccer Team 2016-17

SMES Soccer Team 2016-17

St. Mary's has a Soccer Team this year for grades 5 and 6 students, and they will be participating in a soccer tournament on Saturday, Sept. 23, at Blue Hills Community School! They have already started practicing. Ms. Porter, Ms. Buchan and Ms. Tucker are the coaches. Students are encouraged to wear a red St. Mary's T-Shirt to the tournament. (T-shirts are available at the school @ $10/ea.)

Go Huskies!


Iron Chef

An SMES Iron Chef Team from 2015-16

An SMES Iron Chef Team from 2015-16

For the third year in a row, St. Mary's is running an Iron Chef Club.  Ms. Guitard and Ms. Porter are the coaches this year.  Practices will be held at Fort Vermilion Public School, and will run until 5:00 pm. Dates are to be determined. The Divisional Iron Chef Competition will be on Saturday, Oct. 28th, at La Crete Public School.  The students will have a 'bake off' before the big event, to determine the team who gets to represent St. Mary's.  Thank you LCPS, for hosting this fun event!

Cross Country Team 2017-18

St. Mary's will have lot of athletes participate in the Cross Country Running Team this year.  Practices have started at the school during recess breaks. There will be a final 'run-off' before the divisional tournament, to determine the fastest runners in each category to represent our school at the divisional Cross Country Run, at Rocky Lane School, on Oct. 3rd. Go Huskies!

Thank you to Rocky Lane School for hosting this event!